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Palm Chip

Note: Palm Chip is no longer available. Information about Palm Chip is preserved here for historical purposes. To those who have registered Palm Chip - Thank You! You can still download the registered level pack by logging in here.

Palm Chip Screen Shot Your mission: Collect all the computer chips in each area.

Sound simple? Think again! There are numerous creatures and obstacles that stand in your way, including Tanks, Bugs, Ghosts, and the infamous Teeth monster!

Only the most skilled adventures will survive through all 144 levels. Are you up to the challenge?


  • Full color graphics
  • Supports Palm OS 3.5 and greater
  • 144 levels


In each area you must collect a certain number of chips. The number of chips you need to collect is shown in the status bar. There is also a timer on the right side of the status bar. In timed levels you must collect all the required chips and get to the exit before this timer expires.

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