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FreeJongg Screen Shot FreeJongg is a freeware adaptation of the classic game of Mahjongg Solitaire. Your objective is to remove all the tiles from the playing field by following a simple set of matching rules.


  • 320x320 High-res graphics
  • Supports Palm OS 5
  • Includes 15 unique layouts
  • Includes 7 Table Backgrounds


The goal of the game is to clear the board by removing all 144 tiles from the table.

Tiles must be removed in pairs. A pair consists of two tiles which both are both free and match each other.

A tile is free when:

  • No other tile is lying above or is partially covering it
  • No other tile is lying directly to the left or to the right of it

Generally, a tile matches another if both tiles are identical. Exceptions to this rule are the Flowers and Seasons tiles.

A Flower tile (BAM, MUM, ORC, PLUM) will match any other Flower tile. A Season tile (WIN, SPR, SUM, AUT) will match any other Season tile. All other suites require an exact match.

Each tile appears four times in a given board. The only exceptions to this are the Flowers and Seasons tiles which appear only once each.

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