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Welcome to the Showdogs-L Breeder Referral Database web-site. These pages are home to the Showdogs-L Breeder Listing, and a list of Average Puppy Prices collected from various breeders.

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The Showdogs-L Breeder Database

The Showdogs-L Breeder Database contains a listing of breeders that are on the Showdogs-L list. The database is fully searchable, and can be used to locate breeders that live in a specific area or those who work with a specific breed.

Please Note: Although we believe that most of the breeders in this database follow responsible and ethical breeding practices, the fact that a breeder is in this database is no guarantee of such practices. These listings are for information purposes only, and caution is advised when contacting breeders in this database.

Average Puppy Price List

The Average Puppy Price list was created using information submitted by various breeders. Prices have been reported for both pet and show quality puppies in a variety of breeds. The prices are averaged and sorted by breed. If a breed isn't listed, it means that no prices have been submitted for that breed yet.

If you would like to add price information for breeds in your area to the list, you can use this form, or email the information to me at


These pages are for educational purposes only, and no guarantee is made on the accuracy of the data, or on the breeding practices of the breeders listed on this site.

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